AddOn Networks is a Proud Supporter of fodada

AddOn Networks has been a proud partner with the online clothing company, fodada since 2014. Thanks to fodada, our apparel for our team and clients contribute to a greater cause than just being a shirt on our backs. fodada is an online clothing company that advocates health and wellness for dads everywhere. Bobby Barzi, or Chief Dada of fodada uses sale profits of apparel for men, women, and children to fund health and wellness campaigns with a philanthropic cause.

Navy AddOn shirt by fodada

dad and me – our marquee program in supporting and promoting father and child interactivity took center stage in 2015 and continues to grow with a commitment in using education as its core. We begin discussion with national and world wide organization in understanding how to better tap into and leverage their programs to service dad and me. From the UN to the CERN and IUCN, we are now working on some very exciting collaborations to be conducted at the local level. Whether it be a collaboration with a University Engineering Department where dads and kids get a chance to build their own LEDs to place inside halloween pumpkins to programming robots to spending time on the beach through an obstacle course to doing a hike we come back to a single beacon;

The best gift we can give to a child (and ourselves) is time.

To learn more about fodada click here. 


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