Third Party Optics – Dispelling The Myth

There is a rumor out there that third party optical transceivers and direct attach cables void existing OEM service contracts and warranties. Although the OEM might have you believe that and their customers being told that as well, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is everything you and your customers need to know about taking advantage of a cost-effective alternative from AddOn.

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

This is the most important thing for you and your clients to understand regarding third party optics and the idea that they will somehow void the OEM warranty. The Sherman Antitrust Act protects you and your customers if you choose to use third party hardware outside of the OEM. This federal law says a company cannot “tie-in” exclusively their own upgrades, or invalidate a warranty or other support should an entity buy an upgrade from another company. This act was put in place to encourage competition for the benefit of the consumer. We provide a quality, standards-tested product with a lifetime warranty that doesn’t violate existing warranty or service plans– at a fraction of the cost. It’s that simple.

In-House Programming And Testing

On top of that, we program and test all of our optics and network cabling in-house, here in the US. We have invested millions of dollars in a state-of-the-art lab that is constantly being updated with the newest OEM switches available. With advanced Firmware and DOM coding all network transceivers and direct attach cabling are programmed to the OEM specification. We pride ourselves on our internal programming team and their ability to replicate the OEM functionality. Other third party vendors claim they do this but most of the time they are buying a part from a broker or another questionable source that has been allegedly “coded and tested” and then just slapping a sticker on it. We are well aware of these practices and we strive to educate people in understanding the benefit of a true optics supplier.

In-Environment Testing

Another step that we take that other third party vendors (and OEMs for that matter) don’t bother with, is we test our products in the environment that they are intended to be used in. When we take an order, we request information that allows us to set up the proper switch to switch connection so that we can make sure that the products work and perform at the level they need to for that exact set up. That gives us the assurance and the piece of mind that each and every module or cable that we ship out is tested and ready to be deployed.

Why Use A Third Party Supplier In The First Place?

  • Cost: OEM quality, tested and trusted parts at a fraction of the cost
  • Reliability: Lifetime warranty, Industry-leading tech support
  • Performance: All parts are tested in the intended environment
  • Sherman Antitrust Act: No service agreements or warranties will be voided by using AddOn


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